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Artist MendyZ



Artist MendyZ

Custom Portraits in Representational Realism for pets or humans happily available at reasonable prices.

Exclusive Canvas Art | A Chicago Art Gallery.

The most amazing art at the best prices. and


Chicago Night Skyline with Lake Sail Boats on water Buildings and Architecture in Blue Orange Green by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Feeling the Blues on Piano in Magenta Orange Red in D Major with Black and White Keys of Music by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Young Nude Female Teen in Black Gold Holding her Hands by her Hips in an Introspective Erotic Pose by M Zimmerman


Agony and Atlas Sketch Watercolor Throwing the World as he Transforms Life From a Burden to Freedom by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Agony and Atlas Sketch of Him Throwing the World onto Her as he Transforms Life Burden to Freedom by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Male Nude Figure Drawing Sketch with Power Dynamics Struggle Angst Fear and Trepidation in Charcoal by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Yellow Orange Expressionist Nude Female Figure Statue Coming Alive Bold Anatomy Painting by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Emerald Green and Blue Expressionist Nude Female Figure Painting Filled with Emotion and Movement by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Prayer for the Dead in Purple and Yellow by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Bold Expressionistic Figure Painting of Nude Female Reaching Upward to the Sky with Her Arm in BW by MendyZ M Zimmerman


RED Marble Full Length Figure Portrait of SWAT team leader Alpha Chicago Police Full uniform War Gun by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Full Length Figure Portrait of SWAT team leader Alpha Chicago Police in full uniform with war gun by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Portrait Young European Shepard Boy Noble Aristocrat Tired Face Enigmatic Sad Eyes Green Brown by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Golden Hair Portrait of Woman Head in Crimson Yellow Hardworking Fieldworker Mother Whos Thoughtful by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Transgender Entity Nude in Modern Hallway with Arches and Gender Symbols of Trans Changes Struggle by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe by Exclusive Canvas Art


Still LIfe Red Apples Stacked on Green Table and Wall Fruit is About to Topple Smush Impressionistic by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Green Impressionist Apples Stacked on Abstracted Red Background Still Life of Kitchen Food Dessert by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Red Apple Pears and Pepper in Color and Monochrome Black White Oil Food Kitchen Restaurant Chef Art by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Portrait of Boy Reading Large Book While Laying on Floor and Fantasizing About Ducks Floating Kids by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Red Nude Young Female Girl in Shades of Melting Grey Contemporary Modern Painting by M Zimmerman


Splattered Nude Young Female in Gritty City Alley in Black and White and Red by M Zimmerman


Dark Raining Brooding Alley Chick by M Zimmerman


Nude Portrait Drawing Sketch of Young Nude Woman Feeling Sensual Sexy and Lonely Watercolor Acrylic by M Zimmerman


Young Statue of Liberty Falling From Grace Female Figure Portrait Painting in Green Purple Blue by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Music Inspired Dancing Tango Couple on Pomegranates in Rain Juice Contemporary Lyrical Splattered by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Female Washing Hair with Bold Primary Colors Textures and Expressionism by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Color Sketch of Classic Male Nude Figure Contemporary Lyrical Dance Naked Man Drawing Pose Vitality by M Zimmerman


Classic Muscle Male Nude Looking Over Shoulder Sketch in a Sensual Primal Erotic Timeless Master Art by M Zimmerman


Female Nude Figure Sketch in Watercolor Purple Magenta and Yellow with a warm sunlit background by M Zimmerman


Sleeping Beauty Figure Sketch in Yellow Purple Lying on Couch Nude Arched Back and Muscled Arms by M Zimmerman


Figure Sketch in Purple and Yellow Arched and Curved Twisted Back Leaning on one Hand in Seated Pose by M Zimmerman


Love and Hate Angel and Devil American Hearts and Flags with Wings and Stars by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Muscled Male Nude Arched Back in a Classic Erotic Model Pose in Watercolor Purple and Yellow Sketch by M Zimmerman


Nude Man Sitting on Chair by Wall in Yellow Purple Sketch Watercolor Arms High Gazing Out View by M Zimmerman


Portrait of Thinking Young Male Seated Figure Nude Watercolor Painting in Purple Yellow Sketchy by M Zimmerman


Nude Acrylic Watercolor of Young Female Figure Reclining on Couch in Purple Lavender and Yellow by M Zimmerman


Worried Young Nude Female Teen Leaning and Filled with Angst in Orange and Blue Watercolor Acrylics by M Zimmerman


Despondent Expressionistic Portrait Figure in Blue and Yellow Religious Symbols of Glory Bursting by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Peace Dove Serigraph in Blue as a tribute to Pablo Picasso's Lithograph of Love Bird with Flowers by M Zimmerman


Black Gold Young Female Ballet Dancer in Strong Powerful Striking Jump off the Ballroom Floor Arms by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Victorian Contemporary Flowers in Blue and Orange Vortex Swirls Acrylic Monoprint Serigraph by M Zimmerman


Daled is for Duck Hebrew Letter Alphabet Yellow Orange Blue Duckling Childrens Sleepy Kids Room by M Zimmerman


Erotic Scapegoat from Azazel Hell Satan Devil in Purple and Yellow Serigraph Swirls Holding Breasts by M Zimmerman


Chicago Great Fire of 1871 Serigraph of Skyline Buildings Sears Tower Lake Michigan John Hancock by M Zimmerman


Ice Cream Dripping and Falling Over by M Zimmerman


Red Orange Yellow Sunset with Bird Nest Castle and Tree Silhouette by M Zimmerman


Hassid Rabbi Praying at Kotel Western Wall Israel Jerusalem Gold Daven Religious Jewish Cultural by M Zimmerman