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Artist MendyZ



Artist MendyZ

Custom Portraits in Representational Realism for pets or humans happily available at reasonable prices.

Exclusive Canvas Art | A Chicago Art Gallery.

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Young Running Female Cityscape in Blue and Yellow by M Zimmerman


Dancing Figures with Barn Duck and Cityscape under the moonlight. by M Zimmerman


Robot Chewbacca Fight Colosseum in Red Green and Pink by M Zimmerman


Contemporary Flower in Orange and Blue with Circle and Swirls by M Zimmerman


Frog and Duck go to the bog City by way of the Lake by M Zimmerman


Young Nude Female Girl Sitting in Contemplation Introspective or Watercolor on textured paper by M Zimmerman


Contemporary Whimsical Bird on a Wire in Pastel-Like Colors with Flowers and Dragonfly by M Zimmerman


Agony Doubled Over in Flames on Wood Panel by M Zimmerman


Sunset Sunlit Sandcastle with Flying Bird on a Chicago Beach by M Zimmerman


Power of Prayer with Hasid Reading and Hebrew Letters Rising in a Spiritual Swirl up to Heaven by M Zimmerman


Red Gold Juicy Thick Textured Cut Pomegranate with Seeds by M Zimmerman


Running Nude Female Goddess on the Muddy Skyline of Chicagos Lakefront by M Zimmerman


Death Metal Portrait in Blue and Green with Fu Man Chu Mustache and Cracking Textured Canvas by M Zimmerman


Nude Sculpture Young Boy and Pet Duck Religious Symbolism in Orange and Blue Vatican City by M Zimmerman


Young Female Nude in Agony While Running from Her Thoughts in Blue Yellow Black Serigraph Monoprint by M Zimmerman


Blood Rituals in Red for the Mayan Forest Agriculture with trees houses and land plots by M Zimmerman


Abstract Bottles of Contemporary Bold Colors by Exclusive Canvas Art


Nude Young Female Seated with ideas swirling about her head while crying by M Zimmerman


Portrait of Thinking Young Male Seated Figure Nude Watercolor Painting Monochrome Black White Sketch by M Zimmerman


Tranquil Winter Snow Street With Car Tracks by Exclusive Canvas Art


Male Portrait Sketch as a Tribute to JSS by M Zimmerman


Charcoal Black White Nude Portrait Drawing Sketch of Young Nude Woman Feeling Sensual Sexy Lonely by M Zimmerman


Charcoal Drawing of Classic Male Nude Figure Dancing a Lyrical Modern Dance Naked Man Drawing Erotic by M Zimmerman


Nude Male Seated on Chair by Wall in Watercolor Sketch Painting with Arms Raised Looking Outward by M Zimmerman


Charcoal Classic Jesus Male Nude Looking Over Shoulder Sketch in a Sensual Primal Erotic Black White by M Zimmerman


Figure Sketch in Monochrome Black White Arched and Curved Twisted Back Leaning on one Hand in Seated by M Zimmerman


Female Nude Figure Sketch in Monochrome Black White Charcoal Turning Away by M Zimmerman


Chicago Great Fire of 1871 Serigraph of Skyline Buildings Sears Tower Lake Michigan Hancock BW by M Zimmerman


Sleeping Beauty Figure Sketch in Black White Lying on Couch Nude Arched Back and Muscled Arms by M Zimmerman


Munch on Octopussy a Tribute to Munch with Romantic Octopus Pier Screaming Boats Lake Flower Love by M Zimmerman


Nude Young Female that is Mysterious in a Whispy Atmospheric Hand Wringing Pose Monoprint Intaglio by M Zimmerman


Nude Acrylic Watercolor of Young Female Figure Reclining on Couch in Monochromatic and Black White by M Zimmerman


Contemporary Sailboat in Orange and Blue Chicago Lake Michigan Birds Water Flying Sailing by M Zimmerman


Nude Young Female that is Mysterious in a Whispy Atmospheric Hand Wringing Pose Highly Contemplative by M Zimmerman


Chabad II or Chabad House by Exclusive Canvas Art


Invitation Contemporalis by Exclusive Canvas Art


Third World Baby Meme Reddit by M Zimmerman


Michelangelo Sketch in Terra Cotta Chalk Drawing on Textured Paper of Nude Male Sistine Chapel by MendyZ M Zimmerman


New Year Rolls Around with Abstracted Splatters in Blue Silver White Representing Snow Excitement by M Zimmerman


Purple Sunset Impressionistic by Exclusive Canvas Art


Pink Transgender Male Nude Figure on Blue Green Red Chaotic Background of Transformation and Change by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Muscled Male Nude Lying on Side in Classic Erotic Model Pose in Watercolor Purple and Yellow Sketch by M Zimmerman